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 This game will be hosted until one player or a 100% alliance is the survivor in the cluster. It will not end automatically at a given turn number and no scoring utility will determine who is the winner!

Of course we won't play as long as all other races are defeated (meaning all ships are destroyed and all planets of a an opposing race are conquered). Because my experience is, that most players know when they won't have a chance anymore to win against a stronger enemy.

The dominating factor in the cluster could be a single race or an 100% alliance. If an alliance would like to be declared as the winner, all other, independent players have to agree to that (=surrender to that alliance/race!). If one or more players disagree, they are free to stage an attack against that dominating alliance/race.

If you think you won't have a chance against the dominating party and won't continue the game you are free to surrender anytime during the game.

If a player stops playing (you should have a good reason, though... ;-) but doesn't surrender, I will try to find a new player who wants to take over that race. During that (hopefully short!) period of time I will keep the race up-to-date by building ships and colonizing unhabited worlds.

I will not attack any other race of course and will not play this race as part of an former alliance (if such existed before). The race which was abandoned will be neutral to all other races as long as it will be kept up-to-date by me.
During the last game I hosted this periods of time were no longer than 2-3 turns. If no new player could be found I will leave the race as it is and won't play it anylonger.
I don't use "Killrace".

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