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 Tell me the exact setup for Starbase+!

 I can't remember all friendly codes...

How to sweep minefields:

To cause the starbase to sweep mines (with beams or fighters)
you need to set the planets friendly code (the planet the starbase is orbiting) to
SMF.  This fcode will cause the starbase to use its beam weapons to
fire in random patterns and destroy mines.  The number of mines destroyed
is based on the Starbase+ config setting for beam sweep rate.

Starbase fighters will automatically launch and sweep mines (if
this option is configured to be on).  The fighters sweep at the rate set
in the SPCONFIG program.  The Colonial race always have a 100 LY sweep
range.  The fighter range for the other races is based on the starbase's
tech levels.  To determine the sweep range you add Hull Tech, Engine Tech
and Beam Tech together.  Then you divide by 3 and multiply that result
by 10.  This will give you the fighter sweep range in LY.

How to lay minefields:

Laying mines with a starbase is a all or nothing process.  To do
this you set the planets fcode to LMF and this will convert all of the
torpedo stock on the starbase into mine units.  The torpedoes convert
using the following formula to determine torpedo yield.  Note: LWF
will lay a web mine field if the base is a crystal starbase.

Mine unit yield = (Torp slot  * number of Torps)

How to gather mines:

To gather up a  minefield with a starbase you need to meet several
criteria. The base must be with in the designated beam sweep range of a
minefield.  If they are they set the planets fcode to MSC.  This will
cause the Starbase to gather up all of the mine units in that field(s).
It will convert them into the highest tech torpedo type available.  To
determine minefield to Torp yield you do the following equation.

Number of New Torps = ( mine units / Torp slot )

How to transfer money between your bases:

The maximum amount that a Starbase can "send"
in ARENA 2 in one turn are 5000 megacredits per Starbase per turn.
This is the limit that any Starbase can "send" in one turn.
To send you select the planet friendly code of TMn  - where n
is the number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.  The n number times 1000 will
determine the amount of megacredits you attempt to send.

 There is no limit to how much a Starbase can recieve in one turn.
The limit is that only ONE Starbase can be selected to recieve megacredits
during any one turn.  If more than one base is selected to recieve
(Planet Fcode "RMT") the base with the lowest ID# will recieve the megacredits.

 If a Starbase attempts to send more megacredits than is allowed
in the configuration it will send NO megacredits (0).
 A Starbase must have 20 points of "TECH" to be able to send or
recieve megacredits (TECH would be adding up all of your tech levels and
if they add up to 20 or more the Starbase can send or recieve.
 Starbases can only send and receieve to other Starbases of the same
race. Only one Starbase can recieve megacredits in any one turn.
        If a planet has less than the amount you have set to send it will
send all of the megacredits available on the planet (up to the limit
set by your planetary friendly code)

How to transport components:

To transport a starship component you must be at a starbase. To
load a component you use a special friendly code.  The Gxx
fcodes will get a component from the Starbase and place it on the ship.
Each component will require a certain amount of space.  This space (in KT)
is determined in the SPCONFIG settings.  You can load a MDSF up to its
200 KT maximum weight limit.  You can not load more than one type of
component at a time.  You can only get components at your own starbase(s).

To unload components you use the Uxx fcodes.  You can
unload at any starbase(s). Note: If a ship is captured in battle your enemy
with also get the components that were on that transport.  Also, if the
Tag Special Transportation is enabled all med. freighters carrying components
will have   "ST :"  added to the front of their ship name.

Sphere is a host add-on product for VGA Planets.  It will convert any
VGA Planets map that adheres to the standard coordinate system (1000 to 3000)
into a torus, allowing ships that travel off one side of the map to reappear
on the opposite side (e.g. a ship on the southern edge of the map can travel
100 lys south and be at the northern edge of the map).  The "seam" is
50 lys from the edge of the standard map (i.e. X or Y < 950 or X or Y > 3050).

This should make the game a bit tougher.  No longer can a player put
all his forces on his front lines and leave his rear areas undefended. It should
also end the complaint of those players who find themselves stuck in a corner
of the map without any decent planets - just move to another corner.

[Download the Sphere.txt here]

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