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Here you will find at irregular intervals the last PTSCORE for my ARENA 2 game:

    Turn: 71
Race                 total    used   %
11 The Colonies    3515731 1804280 51%
 2 The Lizards     2883349 1234199 43%
 9 The Robots      1313909  678801 51%
 7 The Crystal Peo 1202547  488035 40%
 8 The Evil Empire 1099475  451015 41%
 3 The Bird Men     806643  276414 34%
 1 The Feds         470853  213600 45%
 5 The Privateers   212712   53581 25%
 6 The Cyborg       127658   32422 25%
10 The Rebels       125926   26520 21%
ptscore v1.4
ship slots : 500 used, 0 empty



The aim of PTSCORE v. 1.4:

"The internal VGA Planets score is not very accurate. A tiny scout counts as much as a big carrier, and a planet with just one clan is as good as a planet with 300 mines and 200 factories.
PTSCORE will give you a score that counts your minerals, supplies, megacredits and all ships/bases/planetary structures that you have built."

The most usable info is propably the ratio of used versus all minerals/supplies/credits. You should try to use as much of your supplies, minerals and credits as possible!

How does PTSCORE calculate the score?

"Each kt minerals counts 3 points, each supply and megacredit counts 1 point. Each structure equals the score that was necessary to build it, except fighters which count 20 points each (thats the score for a fighter that was built in space). Fuel counts nothing. The space mine score depends on the torpedo score: ptscore will assume that the player used the torp with the lowest possible (ptscore-)score.
The space mine score is added to the warship score (this is because torps
loaded onto ships count for the warship score and mine laying shouldn't
be obvious to the other players)."
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