Tim Wisseman (who created the game) about VGA-Planets:
"VGA Planets is a turn based multiplayer game that simulates combat in space between galactic empires. The game emphasizes mining, colonization and the construction of starships. The players compete against each other economically and militarily on a galactic scale. Although there is an economic component to the game, it is mainly a tactical and strategic wargame.



Although the player with the best economy usually has the best potential to win, it's not the purpose of the game -- and the scoring system reflects this. The game system allows players to construct their own starships by selecting various components and placing them on a given hull type.

This game can handle from 2 to 11 players. The game is designed to be a BBS or Internet game. This game can also be played on one computer alone. The game can be played on any BBS that supports file transfers, with or without the sysop's help. Many people are playing VGA Planets over the Internet using E-Mail and UUENCODE.

To begin the game, you are given a planet, a starbase, and two ships. You have to manage your planet's population and resources wisely. You can create more ships and expand your domain through colonization or conquest of neighboring planets. Of course, the other players are attempting to do the same thing.

VGA Planets can be compared to a 11-player chess game in which all players move all their pieces simultaneously, one turn at a time."

My point of view:
The most interesting part of VGAP to me are its 11 different races. Each has its unique advantages and disadvantages, which means the 're-playability' value is tremendous!

Combined with up to 11 humanplayers with which you could form alliances, trading treaties or simply plan an raid with your ally against your neighbour(s), results in a highly diversified gameplay.

Interested? ;-) Well, just download the shareware version of the game, read the enclosed manual, plus some other interesting stuff on this site and join a new game (post to the dedicated newsgroup: alt.games.vga-planets; or visit the following site: [NAVGAP]


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