Next host takes place on monday and friday 19.00 MESZ (GMT+2), so if you have still plenty of time left, sit down, make yourself comfortable in one of the virtual lounge chairs and grab an issue of the famous PLANETEER, written by James "The Undead HedgeHog" Rocks and other VGAP enthusiasts!


The Planeteer is an independent players magazin and features interesting background informations about the game, strategy tips and fictional, often humorous, stories. If you would like to read a small sample before download, follow this link to "The Cylon's Demise" by Andy Brown!

Because the 10 issues that I collected during the last years came out over a long period of time they are saved in various file formats (MS-Write; Windows Help File; Acrobat Reader).

No. 1: September 1995 (139 kb; MS-Write)
No. 2: October 1995 (105 kb; MS-Write)
No. 3: November 1995 (81 kb; MS-Write)
No. 4: December 1995 (186 kb; MS-Write)
No. 5: February 1996 (96 kb; Windows Help File)
No. 6: April 1996 (204 kb; Windows Help File)
No. 7/8: September 1996 (615 kb; Windows Help File)
No. 9: December 1996/January 1997 (365 kb; PDF)
No. 10: April 1997 (863 kb; PDF)

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