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03.10.2000: Host files updated. You can now download host 3.22.027 (July 2000).

19.03.2000: ARENA 2 has ended and I am proud to present you the winning team!

26.02.2000: PTSCORE updated

21.01.2000: I have added a feedback function to the main page. Tell me, what you are missing
                 at the SPACE PORT.

02.12.1999: This week the 500. visitor came to the Space Port! ...ok, I know, compared to
                 Yahoo it's not much, but... :-)
                 What would you like to see at the Space Port in the future? How do think could I
                 improve this site? Please feel free to drop me a line (eMail or on the message

16.11.1999: If you want to listen to some great MIDI files while browsing this site,
                 jump to the Space Port Bar - my all time favourit is "Long Nose" ;-)

08.11.1999: I've changed the background *.gif on some pages and hope, the text is easier to
                 read now. Don't forget to click on the reload button.

03.10.1999: Update of the "Undocumented Features" by 'Sibirian Snake'

02.10.1999: Autarch's strategy guide for the Cyborg added to the strategy section

24.08.1999: You now have the possibility to search the whole site (or the web) by keywords.
                 I have added a link to a powerful search engine that had indexed this site - just go
                 to http://www.space-port.de/VGAP/search/search.htm

25.07.1999: Several new files added to the DOCs and STRATEGY section (including tips for the
                 Rebels and the Crystals); HOST section added - when you are hosting VGAP
                 games yourself, you will find there in the near future the latest host.exe and
                 various tips

21.07.1999: Robot player wanted! Check out the Galactic News Network!

19.07.1999: Modified the background colour for faster loading times

11.07.1999: Start page redesigned to improve loading time.

09.07.1999: New midi files added into the jukebox at the Space Port Bar

04.07.1999: Space Port Bar added - check out the FORUM!

29.06.1999: PTSCORE for my ARENA 2 game added

20.06.1999: Added the "Top Ten Tips for the unexperienced player"

12.06.1999: Counter added and still trying to get this site into the VGAP webring

08.06.1999: Villa Straylight has been launched from the Space Port into orbit!
                 So every info you will find here is new :-)