Space Port Bar

No real Space Port would be complete without an old tiny snack bar where you can order a bowl of Sushi, a bottle Tsin Tao and start checking out the latest rumours at the

Galactic News Network (GNN)

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Jukebox:                                           Classic-Jukebox:
Battlestar Galactica (11kb)
Blade Runner Theme (57kb)                           Symphony No. 3 (19kb)
Chariots of Fire (45 kb)                                  Dvorak (29kb)
E.T. (26 kb)                                                  Chopin (11kb)
Ghostbusters (35 kb)                                     Haendel(?) (26kb)
Indiana Jones (33 kb)                                    Fantasy (35kb)
Journey1 (34 kb)
Journey2 (13 kb)
Pan (18 kb)
Long Nose :-) (16 kb)
Rocky (51 kb)
Star Wars (20 kb)
The Net (32 kb)

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