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By: B A N E

As a first time race, the Rebels are a pretty good choice.

They have a good array of warships for most duties except for minesweeping.  This is one of the major weaknesses of the race.

The Rebel fleet is quite powerful. The Rush is arguably one of the best ships in the game.

For early combat and deterrence, the Cygnus and the Patriot will serve quite well.  If the ES bonus is 50% +, then both ships will become even more effective.

The Guardian is an ES 81+ warship.  If the ES bonus is high enough, it becomes the ideal front ship for the Rush.  Dirt cheap and hits like a hammer.  If the ES is too low (sub 81) the ship often does not even get a shot against the big carriers.  It is still somewhat useful against torpers if ES 50+

If ES 50, the Cyg, Pat, Pat combo can kill any battleship in the game. Early on, this is a nice way to destroy those lone big ships that a player might send out as a "threat".

For minefield deployment, the Tranquility is a must.  It is the only torper in the Reb Arsenal that can lay a maximum minefield on it's own. The Rebs are quite vulnerable to cloakers and privateers and the Tranq is one of the assets used to counter this threat.

The Falcon is a wonderful asset.  It is by far the best HYP ship in the game (default ship list).  If you consider building a Medium freighter, DON'T... build a Falcon instead.  The Falcon is used for HYP colonization, resupply of fleets, RGA, money moving.  It is an
extremely useful ship.

The Rush, 390 Cargo holds means not having to worry too much about minefields.  The Rush takes 15% damage per mine hit = 75 supplies. So, the rush can carry 225 supplies and 165 fighters and smash through most minefields and engage an enemy fleet w/o damage most of the time. Further, the Rush's 390 cargo is great for rebuilding fighters at the front with enemy assets that have been recently "liberated".

The Rebels also gain an aggression advantage in VCR.  The Rebel fleet when engaging another carrier race can send in their fleet w/o primary enemy and set to RGA.  This forces the enemy to either give up the left side (a tremendous advantage) and fight or chose
to take the RGA.

The Gemini is a short term necessity for the Rebels.  It is used to stock Patriots and as such, should not be built in large #'s. 2 or 3 at most is all that will ever be needed.  The Rush does
not need the Gemini simply because of 390 cargo.  3 turns and the rush has a minimal load, 5 turns a good load of fighters.

Prime Allies: Privateers, Lizards and Crystals.

Prime Targets: Borg and Empire

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