Strategy Guides

Some thoughts about the Rebels - by BANE

TheBIRDMEN GUIDE to the GALAXY- if you are playing or facing the Birds - a must read!

Autarch's Guide to the Cyborg - read about the strong and weak points of this mighty race

The Crystals Way of Life - an overview of the pros and cons of the Crystal race

CRYSTAL WEBFIELDS and their specific features...Read the latest secrets from
                                                                        Tim Wisseman!

TheDREADLORD BATTLE MANUAL- a perfect start for NEWBIEs and very informative for
                                                       advanced players

TheHINT-Files - a comprehensive collection of valuable strategy discussions from
                            the Usenet

How the SHIPQUEUEis handled - Timo's tips for the advanced player

Timo'sSTRATEGYREADER- simply the BEST  that you can find on the net.

Top Ten Tips for the unexperienced player - how to optimize your game start!

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