-= VGA Planets Assistant 3.51e =-
                Copyright (c) 1993-96 by Alex V. Ivlev                                                            [back]

                         What it will do for you:

        þ 100% backward compatibility with PLANETS.EXE by Tim Wisseman
        þ convenient user-friendly mouse-driven graphical interface
        þ numerous unique features that are unseen in other VGAP utilities
        þ works under MS-DOS or compatible, doesn't require Windows
        þ works very fast
        þ works on any 286 or better CPU, doesn't require Pentium
        þ works on any VGA-compatible video card, doesn't require SuperVGA
        þ requires only 300K of memory to run and uses the rest for
          even better performance
        þ maintains shareware/registered limitations of PLANETS.EXE and
          keeps registration information from Planets or WinPlan
        þ maintains password security
        þ keeps complete history of the game in a database and
          allows complete situation review of any game turn, regardless of
          how long ago it was - the whole game can be reviewed turn by turn
        þ keeps game score from all turns and builds a Power Graph
        þ keeps tracking of Priority Build Points
        þ enhanced score display with score differences between any two
          turns of the game
        þ important incoming messages, VCRs and outgoing messages are stored
          in the database and can be reviewed later
        þ standalone database browsing (without other game data files)
        þ alternative starmap, ship list, weapon set and graphics support
        þ custom map size support
        þ wrapped map support (thoroidal universe model)
        þ dynamic (changing turn by turn) map support
        þ Explore Map support
        þ configurable display colors
        þ user-defined color profiles allow assigning different display
          colors to allies, enemies, neutrals and to every single race
        þ context-dependent on-line help system
        þ large map window with center, zoom, autoscroll and bookmark features
        þ compact, systematic and comprehensive information display
        þ color highlighting helps to warn players about possible problems,
          like overtaxing or fuel shortages
        þ prevents erroneous setting of impossible missions, like Lay Mines
          for a freighter or Tow for a 1-engine ship (Host config is used)
        þ can display incomplete planet and ship data
        þ keeps and displays all information about enemy and unowned planets
          that was ever available in game
        þ old and fresh planet data is displayed in different colors
        þ planet names or numbers are shown on the map
        þ mine fields are drawn on the map
        þ ion storms are drawn on the map
        þ wormholes are drawn on the map
        þ mine hits are drawn on the map
        þ ship explosions are drawn on the map
        þ meteor hits are drawn on the map
        þ planetary distress calls are drawn on the map
        þ any other important game events are drawn on the map
        þ various groups of objects can be shown or hidden on the map
        þ retrieves and displays all relevant information from Host messages
        þ Distance Mode allows measuring distance between any points on
          the map while just moving the mouse
        þ "on the fly" fuel consumption and E.T.A. calculation for ships
          with complicated fly route calculation ability
        þ planetary gravity usage in ship waypoint setting (manual or
        þ unlimited distance to waypoint
        þ convenient Move-Or-Type interface in cargo transfers, planetary
          builds, starbase upgrades and other places
        þ ship-to-ship torpedo and money transfers
        þ jettisoning of colonists is possible
        þ instant cargo unload feature
        þ load-and-build feature
        þ suppy selling in planet-to-ship cargo transfers
        þ group friendly code setting
        þ individual and group friendly code randomization
        þ unknown enemy ship recognition logic
        þ advanced ship construction featuring:
          * Host 3.2 specific ship function display
          * ship component characteristic tables
          * itemized bill
          * part-by-part construction mode (the old way)
          * all-in-one construction mode
          * cloning support
        þ automatic use of supplies to cover money shortages
        þ COMPLETE UNDO FEATURE: any changes can be undone
        þ can save changes without leaving the program
        þ advanced minefield calculator
        þ allows drawing on the map
        þ user-defined coloured map markers and labels (15 colours and
          6 shapes plus circles and lines)
        þ ship-bound markers and labels
        þ hyperjump circles drawing
        þ built-in report generator featuring:
          * multi-section report generation
          * customizable report forms
          * easy access to any game data
          * columnar data summing and differencing
        þ built-in message editor featuring:
          * unlimited number of outbound messages
          * easy-to-use text editor
          * color text highlighting
          * ability to edit or delete messages after they are sent
          * message saving to text file
          * advanced message loading from text file (any fragment of text)
          * message forwarding
          * message cross-posting to any number of players
          * universal messages
          * messages to host
          * team messages
          * quote-and-reply feature
          * VCR playback with PVCR support
          * instant display of mentioned battle outcome
          * instant search of mentioned object or location on the map
          * automatic search of object-related messages
          * inter-player game data interchange via special messages
        þ built-in combat simulator featuring:
          * 100% compatibility with Host and VCR.EXE
          * fast and nice combat graphics
          * combat sounds on PC speaker
          * ship-to-ship and ship-to-planet combat simulation
          * customizable battle parameters
          * real ships and planets from game can be used in simulation
          * left and right side ships can be swapped
          * Host 3.2 Fed Bonus, Engine-Shield Bonus and Anti-LeftWin support
          * adjustable combat playback speed
          * single step playback mode
          * battle results can be used in the next battle
          * last simulated battle can be re-viewed
          * more than 100 different battles in a row with the same combatants
        þ uses actual Host/PHOST config settings from the current game
        þ supports unlimited number of ship targets
        þ Switch Race support - any of the 11 players can play any race
        þ extended missions support
        þ complete team play support including reading other players' data
          files, displaying whole team data on the same map, joint e-mail and
          VCR viewing and Team Message sending
        þ PHOST utility data support
        þ HULLFUNC.TXT standard support
        þ other small pleasant things <g>
        þ ...and this program is still FREE!

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