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You are hosting one or more games yourself? Than you propabably want to know what
        may cause the Tim Continuum to attack - other than cheating... Read what Tim has
        written about it!

Download the actual host version (TimHost) 3.22.027
Support files for host version 3.2x (Master, hconfig, ref, tons, sendmess. . .)
           (Only required if you are currently using a host version older than 3.22.001 ) hstsup32.ZIP

What's new in host 3.22.026?

     Fix: Minefield data was being not being set correctly and was causing conflicts with
           some addons.
     New movement math, should run faster. Low speed movement should work better.
     New movement code written By: (Don Friesen)
     Fix: Minefield sometimes not showing up on the map fixed
     Fix: Web minefield sometimes blocking the laying of other minefields fixed
     Fix: Transfering ALL your fuel to a planet no longer causes ALL the cargo to be lost.
     Fix: When chunneling ALL the fcode charactors must be a number ( 001 to 500 ) Using a
           letter in any one of the 3 spaces will cause the code to NOT trigger the chunnel.
     Fix: Chunnel jump message fixed
     Fix: Cloning is only blocked by a Firecloud if the ship has 50 or more fuel and is at warp 0
     New: No PBP's are awarded for colonizing a planet.
     Fix: "pb" problem fixed, it was only allowing you to use it to build at most 6 ships.
     Fix: Ion storms causing minefields to not show up fixed.

This page is still under construction. Please check back later (27.07.1999)