...when Tim Continuum is haunting your game...

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Newsgroups: alt.games.vga-planets
Subject: Re: The Tim attacked almost everyone
From: cocomax@aol.com
Date: 14 Nov 1996 18:48:12 GMT

In article <328A8B6B.1D3E@michweb.net>, Jon Sprague
<jjsprague@michweb.net> writes:

>I am hosting a game where of the 9 players who got their turns in, 8
>were hit by the Tim Continuum.  All were accused of a "registration
>error".  I know that none of these players has cheated, and the
>"REG.LOG" does not show any problems with the registration.  Can anyone
>suggest a possible reason for this happening?

Look in your host.log file if you see an error labled: "Data collision error!"
You have a very important file that is missing or damaged:

The file is named:   VPH35.DLL

If this file is missing or damaged reg errors will popup everywhere.
When setting up a version 3.22 host you must PKUNZIP both HST32208.ZIP
and the supplemental host files:  HSTSUP32.ZIP.

My guess is you are missing the supplemental files. VPH35.DLL was in there.


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