The mission order for Tim host 3.22.x

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Process Commands performed in client (Structure Builds,Cargo/MC Transfers)
Build Bases
Meteor Showers and Impacts
Sensor Sweep Missions (Including Bioscan)
Ship Cloak Mission
Privateer Special Mission (Rob)
Loki 1st Decloak
Cloak Failure
Bird Special Mission - Super Spy Deluxe part 1 - Fcode Change
Find MineField Fcodes
Most Special Missions - (Hiss, Build Fighters, Repair, Dark Sense)
Cargo Unload to Unowned Planet
Beam Transfer Ship to Enemy Ship
Lady Royal Generates 1MC per Clan
Beam Transfer Friendly Codes (bdm,bum,lfm, btf,etc)
Gather Missions (Fuel, Minerals, & Supplies)
Mine Lay
Chrystal Mission 9 (Lay Web)
Make Torps Fcode (mkt)
ION Storms
Mine Sweep/Scoop
Mine Decay
Check Minefield Fcodes
Web Drain
Star Base Fix/Recrew/Recycle Ships
1st Build New Ships
Clone Ships
Fed Special Mission (Super Refit)
* gs# - give ship to race# (?)
Repair Ships with Supplies / Recalculate Ship Mass
Towing Ships Move
Most Ships Move (Including HYP)
Ships on Intercept Move
Warp Well Calculation
Glory Device
Loki 2nd Decloak
Other StarBase Missions
Ships with Ramscoop Make Fuel
Repair Ship with Supplies / Recalculate Ship Mass
Ships on Colonize Drop Cargo and Disassemble
Ship vs. Ship Combat
Explode if damage > 100 % (150 % Lizards)
Repair Ship with Supplies / Recalculate Ship Mass
Ship vs. Planet/Base Combat
Fascist Special Mission (Pillage)
Rebel Special Mission (RGA)
Ship Science Missions - Alchemy, Teraform
Borg Assimilate Natives
Planetary Production (Supplies/Minerals)
Taxes Calculated
Happiness Change Computed
Taxes Produce MC - If Not Rioting
Population Growth - Based Upon Climate/Happiness
2nd Ship Build
Recalculate Ship Mass
Figure Ship X,Y Coordinates, Target Data
Bird Special Mission - part 2 - Super Spy
Planet Explore
Long Range Sensor Scans (Ship/Race not Hull Type or Mass)
Mike Washington

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