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In this section you will find the most useful documents about VGAP (beside the manual ;-)
I have downloaded some of them from Timo's "Elite Site", which I can highly recommend for further infos about the game!

If you want to copy the plain TEXT files (*.txt) to your local harddrive, I suggest that you perform a right click on the link and choose "Save Link as..." / "Verknüpfung speichern unter...".

With a climate death rate of 20% in ARENA 2 you might be interested in a detailed table
       how much clans will survive at a given temperature. Take a look at the:

Climate Death Rate Table

How can you improve this figures and how much effects have additional supplies?
      Get the latest tips from Timo about the maximum population!

You like statistics? Need to know all the tiny details? Friendly codes and mission ordering?
       Here you'll get everything in the most compressed form...

 ...the famous INFOLIST! (Simply load the RTF file in Word and print it out)

    Another classic is the Quick Reference Guide for VGA Planets (Version 3.0)

The host sequence in all its beauty :-)

The complete mission order at a glance!
That's more than you were searching for? As a rule of thump you can get away by remembering the following order: Mission - Move - Combat !

 You have just build ship no. 100 in your large battlefleet but haven't any idea where
        to find a cool new name for it? Take a glance at Timo's shipnames!
And last but not least: where are all this undocumented features that I promised? 
      Plan some nice little surprises for your opponents ;-)
Don't miss the strategy section, where you will find more valuable infos how to win
       this game!
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